Terms & Conditions of VPAPs.com CPAP Store

Rights and obligations of the parties:

The VPAPs.com store guarantees the authenticity and originality of the goods provided in the catalog, its new condition and full correspondence of the item to the issued order.

We do not sell republished, repaired, used medical products.

Discounted goods may have minor damage to the packaging without damaging the goods, such goods are sold separately with mandatory information to the buyer.

After receiving an order, the online store VPAPs.com undertakes to send the goods of the proper quality and is well packed within 24 hours from the receipt of payment, provide the track number for tracking and take full responsibility for the goods until it is delivered to the customer.

In the event of loss or damage to the goods, the store undertakes to compensate for its full value, unless otherwise agreed with the buyer. Compensation is carried out only after the official confirmation of the delivery service about loss or damage to the goods.

Any compensation is made only in the same way and for the same requisites from where the order was paid.

The VPAPs.com store is not responsible for any harm to health caused by the purchased product, for any mistakes made by the buyer in choosing a device, accessories, their sizes, colors, etc. The goods are provided in a new condition "as is".

The VPAPs.com store is not responsible for any harm to health due to delay in delivery of the goods, customs clearance, loss or damage at the time of delivery.

The goods, in original condition and not opened by the buyer, can be returned back to the warehouse of the store within 14 days of receipt of the order by the buyer. The buyer undertakes to pay for shipping and provide a track number for tracking. After receiving a return to our warehouse and if it meets the above requirements, the cost of the goods will be compensated in full.

We ask you not to use any content from the VPAPs.com site on other resources without the consent of the Store Administration.

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